Good Morning

Today, God shall be there for you at every point of your need.

The blessings of God shall not pass you. His glory shall surely manifest in your life.

May those who stand on your progress stumble and fall, and may all the curses from your enemies be turned into blessing.

Remain blessed. Good morning.

God Is with You

As you step out today 12/12/2017, this morning,

God will eradicate every satanic issues in your lives.

His mighty hands shall guide & direct your step.

Joy shall quietly walk into your house, he will never have any reason to leave.

Everything you lay your hands on this morning is blessed. As you open your eyes today, blessings are already waiting for you.

All you need to do is to get up and walk gallantly into your glory. You will be blessed beyond your wildest imagination today, tomorrow and forevermore.

Good morning and do have a nice day.